Tarantis Outdoor Events


The content of our Taranis Outdoor Events program is season-based. 
For that reason, content and details may vary.

Bikers- regardless of type: read this!

Our site is a wonderful location as starting point for any type of day trip. For our mountain bikers, the Palatinate Forest offers you roundabout 900 KM of trails, all being well documented, offering you a variety of landscapes, being it attractive river valleys, alongside the Haardt Mountains across the vineyards,  or through the rough terrain of the Palatinate Forest. Where ever you go, there are plenty of options to take a brake and stop over at one of the many wander huts or wineries along your route.

For our motor bikers, the Palatinate Forest offers you a wide variety of excellent country roads with splendid curves and serpentines. Or, if you're more in favor of cruising, idyllic river valleys such as the Alsenz, the Pfrimm or Rhine river.

For those who prefer the standard bicycles or the pedelecs, there is also plenty to do for a daytrip as well. There are numerous well marked routes in our vicinity, taking you to many interesting places, such as the vineyards, the cities of Worms and Speyer. You even may start your cycling trip as a bicycle trekking tour from our place to Wissembourg in the Alsace and return by train to Rockenhausen, just 10 miles west from your starting point.

Whatever you plan with whatever kind of bike transport, we offer you our place as a starting point with simple but comfortable B&B for 2 persons. If you are with 4 persons, you should contact us in forefront as our neighbours also may offer B&B for 2 persons at their place. You may include a wine tasting as well at their wine shop "the Weingeniesserei".

The ultimate could be a combination of a daytrip, planned by yourself, or a  guided walk along some of the wine villages in our next door valley Zellertal and at the end of the day we can arrange a wine tasting combined with an outdoor cooking event, completed with your B&B. Sounds good? Please contact us in advance to work out a preferred offer and for reservation.

New in our  program: Land Art Courses!

Land Art

Observation and experience of nature:  creative processes in and with nature.

With various natural materials (stones, sticks, plants, snow, etc.) a piece of art is created within a space of nature’s own choice. We don’t focus on perfection. The most important elements of our creative work are the joy of what we create, the experience with and discovery of nature.' We leave the results of our creativity back in nature. What we take away with us are: fascination about the art we created, photographs of our work and the opportunity to share our experiences of the creative process. More information on courses here.

Theme walks

Team Events Our program includes a number of so called theme walks - roundtrips of various lenghts and - according your interests - of various theme content. The themes vary from art and culture, history and science more to nature and environment. Please take a look at our theme walk list here.

Team Events

Team Events One of our specialties is the organization of intergenerational team events. We have a dual focus: nature education and improving and supporting team spirit.

Our primary goal: All participating persons should have fun and enjoy the common experience as a group.

School kid events - Rucksackschool.


Together with third parties, we offer special events for school classes, in Germany we call this the Rucksackschule (“backpack school”).

Unfortunately many children don’t have much knowledge about nature nowadays. 
By playing together, we promote the enjoyment of being outdoors in nature as well as the improving and supporting true class spirit.


Family Outdoor Weekend.

Outdoor Weekend

On request we can organize team events for smaller groups (up to 10 persons).

Our Family Outdoor Weekends are popular bookings.