Tarantis Outdoor Events

At Taranis Outdoor Events “Discover” means “By Yourself!”

When we talk about "discover" at Taranis, it is important to us, that you are empowered to do so yourself:

Grow your knowledge

Learn to observe, get familiar with nature again and figure out how nature works. We organize "learning by doing," especially for you, for your team or your group.

Know your limits

Are you willing to accept a true challenge? 
Do you dare to test your own limits?
Are you sure, your team is going to succeed?

Overcome your inner couch potato

Those who overcome their inner temptations, grow by themselves. 
You thought, you wouldn't ever master such a hard challenge
Be fair to yourself: of course you can!
Sometimes you can manage by yourself, sometimes you'll need the help of another hand. At the end of the day, the only enemy to overcome is your self-doubt.