Tarantis Outdoor Events

General Terms and Conditions - GTC

represented by Wouter Maas

1.Contractual agreement
A contractual agreement is given after registration for an activity or event and the following confirmation by Taranis Outdoor Events or by a deputized partner. Registration becomes contractually valid and confirmed as soon as booking confirmation and corresponding down payments, according to regulations listed under section 2 have been done. Registrations are handled by Taranis Outdoor Events or by a deputized partner in order of entry.
2. Payments
Payments for booking of an event are due directly after reception of your confirmation. Payments have to be done within a period of 8 office days after reception of the confirmation. In case Taranis Outdoor Events did not receive a proof of payment within this period, the right on reservation of participation to an event becomes void. Any other payment periods are only valid and accepted after pre-consultation and written approval by Taranis Outdoor Events.
3. Contract cancellation or release of contractual obligation
3.1 Camps and events:
Taranis Outdoor Events may cancel the contract unilateral: In case the mininum required number of particitpants for an event cannot be achieved. In case of circumstances or events that cannot be prevented with regular management measurement, Taranis Outdoor Events will be released from its agreed-upon contractual obligations for the duration of the disruption and the extent of its effects, (e.g. in case of accidents or illness). 3.1.1 Cancellation or withdrawal from participation on an activity or event:
Cancellation of or withdrawal from participation of an event or a camp will always have to be done by letter, be it by mail or e-mail and will only be valid after receiving a letter of acceptance by Taranis Outdoor Events. In such case, please take notice of the following:
In case of cancellation or withdrawal from or a rebooking of an event or camp within a time period up to 14 days before the beginning of the event or camp, Taranis Outdoor Events will charge 25% of the invoice as business expenditure. In case the invoice has been payed already, the sum of the invoice minus the 25 % charge will be restituded.
In case of cancellation or withdrawal from or a rebooking of an event or camp within 14 days before the beginning of the event or camp:
Provided, you will be able to come up with a replacement or Taranis Outdoor Events finds a replacement instead, Taranis Outdoor Events will charge 10 % of the invoice as business expenditure. The sum of the invoice minus the 10 % charge will be restituded.If you're not able to organize a replacement and Taranis Outdoor Events cannot do either, you are contractually obliged to pay the full price of the invoice. This is also the situation in case you have to cancel on very short term due to illness or other circumstances.
Cancellation by a group:
In case, participants do not show up on the agreed date, or in case the event is canceled after contract settlement and downpayment have been made, where as no alternative date was agreed or could be achieved, Taranis Outdoor Events will charge the full amount of down payment as business expenditures. Cancellation by individual group participants:
The contractually settled cost for participation will remain payable, independet of the cancellation by individual participant.
4. Proof of participation
Provided, the participant participated at least 80 % of the overall time for an activity or event, we hand out proof of participation on request.
5. Recordings
Recordings (audio and/or video) during our activities are generally prohibited. In case, information or learning material is handed out, any form of multiplication and distribution of this information is only allowed after written consent by Taranis Outdoor Events.
X6. Warranty
At all circumstances, participation on activities and events, organized by or carried out for Taranis Outdoor Events will be on own risk.Risk of damage to clothing or any other object that was carried or brought by the participant is fully with the participant. The participant is obliged to report in advance any known allergy, physical or mental disease that may hazard the well being of other participant as well. The participant is obliged to report in advance the need for medical attention or the use of medicine, (e.g. insulin). Unless proven intent or on proven act of gross negligence, Taranis Outdoor Events will not take any responsibility or warranty no matter the cause of law suite against her.
7. Program content
All content of the activities and events offered by Taranis Outdoor Events can be taken from the according announcements and descriptions on the website (www.taranis-outdoor.de)
8. Privacy
We store your data complying with the regulations laid down in the German Federal Privacy Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). They are explicetly needed and used for invoicing and forwarding information to the customers of Taranis Outdoor Events. Privacy information is principally not handed out to third parties.